Areas Needing Basic Research

Blockchain, Homomorphic Encryption, Access Control

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What Is Being Accomplished?

Basic Research needs to be done into a number of Computer Science and Technological fields. This is essential to determine what can and how these technologies can be used to build the foundation of a platform engine to empower you with the benefits that technology has to offer.

Time Proposed:

6 Months

Proposed Budget:

$11,111 USD

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There are four areas of Computer Science that holds the potential to create a new kind of engine that will give the user new levels of security and access to resources unlike anything previously made.


  • Blockchain
    • Open blockchain technology has opened up security that is unhackable. However, open blockchain is inefficient and expensive. A hybrid of open blockchain, private blockchain, and cloud computing are necessary to be combined to get the best of everything.
  • Homomorphic Encryption and Computation
    • Homomorphic encryption is a form of encryption that allows a user to give inputs and have them calculated without the computer doing the calculations having to decrypt the data first. The result is an output that is also encrypted, and only the authorized users that are able to decrypt it have access to whatever that data is.
    • A fully homomorphic encryption scheme allows for the construction of a program that runs entirely on encrypted data, and outputs encrypted data. This can be combined with blockchain, cloud and serverfull computing to create a whole new level of security in data storage and shared computation.
  • Decentralized Access Control
    • Utilizing Homomorphic encryption Access Control systems can be made to be truly secure with no single point of failure. This has been a classic weak point in access control, and there is now a foreseeable solution for it.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Your needs are different from mine. We have different financial circumstances, family dynamics, and different needs. We want to develop Artificial Intelligence that is free from the bottom line of large corporations that have their own agendas. We want to develop and distribute a Patron Bot that will act for your best interests, and yours alone.


We are still discussing and discovering the scope and capability of this project. Much of it depends on how much funding we are able to acquire. If you believe that these technologies need to be researched further in order to empower you, please donate to this project and contribute to a better tomorrow!