What is Celestial Computing and how will it make your life easier?

Defining Celestial Computing Celestial Computing is a term used to describe the service when ‘Blockchain as a Service’ is paired with other ‘as a Service’ methods. This is a relatively new practice, and creates an entirely new service from Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Distributed services and so on. What makes Celestial Computing different? There are four […]

Incorruptible Government Is Within Reach

Incorruptible Government Is Within Reach Decentralized technology offers many advancements that were not previously possible. Unfortunately, the way in which they are implemented are so far removed from our everyday interactions that their usefulness is limited. We know the technology works and we know what it can do. The question then is, how can decentralized […]

How Can We See Mass Adoption Of Blockchain?

How Can We See Mass Adoption Of Blockchain? There are so many promising projects and ideas that decentralized and blockchain technology has to offer. We all know it is the way of the future, so how can we get this tech into more people’s hands faster? In order to understand why people are reluctant to […]

Promises Of The Decentralized Space

One of the exciting possibilities that people have imagined blockchain and decentralized tech doing is transforming government so that it is better suited to serve its people. Blockchain implemented into government systems can secure data, increase efficiency and cost, and most of all, restore a greater level of faith in the government to see that […]