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Whether making a bank transaction or a contract, there’s always a middleman to secure interests in our day-to-day lives. However, these middlemen services are slow, considerably inefficient, and contain chances of errors and fraud happening, all while charging you extra fees. Logos Earth recognizes this inefficiency, and our mission is to research, document and establish new implementations of decentralized technology and publish news to eliminate bureaucratic impotence. Logos Earth is working on replacing these middlemen with bots that are programmed to benefit you, operating with one-hundred percent accuracy. Logos Earth aims to create a technology that merges these middlemen services and annexes them for automation through a unified protocol.

However, open blockchain might be un-hackable and fully secure but it is ineffective and expensive

Thus, creating a multilayered hybrid of open-blockchain, private blockchain, and cloud computing are necessary for the best utilization of all. We at Logos Earth have named this hybrid-typed computation as Celestial Computing. When Celestial Computing links everything together, which makes it capable of self-funding and self-update, this is called Decentralized Autonomous Government System.

Understanding DAGS

DAGS (Decentralized Autonomous Government System) utilizes Celestial Computing to ensure fair compensation in work regardless of its size or class while maintaining backward compatibility with pre-existing technology and the most advanced technologies with the help of Smart Contracts. It will bring a new revolution in decentralized technology.

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