Incorruptible Government Is Within Reach

Decentralized technology offers many advancements that were not previously possible. Unfortunately, the way in which they are implemented are so far removed from our everyday interactions that their usefulness is limited. We know the technology works and we know what it can do. The question then is, how can decentralized technology be utilized in a world built around centralization?

Logos.Earth has a solution to this question. We bring the needed user experience that bridges the gap between the virtual construct of emerging decentralized technologies and the people that interact with it. We are an organization dedicated to researching ways to take the best of the decentralized world and make it accessible to the centralized world.

How Does Micromunicipals Bridge The Gap Between The Corporeal World And The Virtual World?

Municipal governments are specially tailored to one specific affair. It needs to have a wide enough scope that enough people need the services in order to cover the costs of operation. This creates a problem for smaller communities with specific needs that may not be ongoing. A micromunicipal is intended to create a usable infrastructure for these small entities with unique community needs.

Micromunicipals will operate on highly advanced smart contracts allowing the entity to automate wherever possible. This means that hiring and firing, assigning tasks, allocation of information, the payment system and administrative duties can all be automated, greatly reducing costs and necessary manpower. While bots and AI take care of logistical needs, those who created the micromunicipal can focus on direction.  The way the system will be set up will be so easy that people without business or coding experience will be able to build test and deploy micromunicipals of all different sizes and types. This allows for rapid and cheap deployment of entities by communities to meet their own needs, ensuring that every community has what it needs in order to thrive.


Can You Give A Use Case?

How Can A Micromunicipal Help An Average Person Organize And Complete A Community Project?

Behind the concept of a micromunicipal will be an engine which enables the creation of micromunicipals; providing all the tools needed for an average person to found a micromunicipal. This gives anyone the ability to meet the needs of their local communities that would otherwise be overlooked due to the expensive overhead and complexities of current administrative and organizational structures. In addition to this, the assurance of advanced smart contracts help eliminate the fears of corruption and theft. This offers an established trust where it is otherwise very difficult to establish. Large established organizations generally have more trust than new small organizations; however, for the first time a small organization running on an advanced smart contract as a micromunicipal will have equal if not more trust than a large well established organization. Micromunicipals give the average person a fighting chance to establish an organization and do something meaningful within their community.

How Would This System Generate Income For Those Who Use It?

The key to micromunicipals is the engine upon which it runs. Using smart contracts as its basis, micromunicipals will cut the costs of operations that an ordinary municipal must account for. Along with the cost saving aspects of automating as much administration as possible, traditional forms of raising and dispersing funds will be able to be utilized by the user.

Micromunicipals will be founded on advanced smart contracts. Inherent in the creation of these smart contracts will be the agreement of how much is paid for that service or product. What makes this unique from other existing payment systems is that it will use a microtransaction model governed by the smart contract itself. This will empower all parties involved to establish from the outset what work is required for what compensation. The money that is agreed upon in the smart contract will be placed in an account that all parties can see as well as the conditions upon which the funds will be released. As the terms of the contract are met, funds will be dispersed to the appropriate parties.

When Will Micromunicipals Be Available?

…keep up to date with what Logos.Earth is doing, and we will be coming out with more information as soon as it is available.

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