The Foundation

We believe in a future where society is open, secure and decentralized

Throughout the history of governing bodies, it has been a challenge to meet the needs of every person for whom they govern. This can often be seen through ‘categorizing’ their population, and establishing rules for those groups of people. This has led to great advancements in societal governance, however, as populations grow and diversify in their needs, this system is showing its limitations.

Logos Earth works to build out a system where each people group, each person, can be governed in such a way that no need goes unmet. We will transform society’s governance so profoundly, you marvel at how we managed without it.

Currently, governments are bloated, and filled with systems and protocols that no longer serve the best interests of those for whom it is intended; bureaucracy has become impotent. We want to change that because we believe in a future where society is open, secure and decentralized.

By conducting scientific research, deploying decentralized technology and publishing relevant news we work to rid impotence from bureaucracy, so no one is disregarded.