One of the exciting possibilities that people have imagined blockchain and decentralized tech doing is transforming government so that it is better suited to serve its people. Blockchain implemented into government systems can secure data, increase efficiency and cost, and most of all, restore a greater level of faith in the government to see that the needs of its people are met so that they may thrive.

Inherent in blockchain technology is the ability to move and store data securely. Data security is of the utmost importance when it comes to government systems. They hold critical information about entities and individuals that, if fallen into the wrong hands, could spell disaster. With blockchain in place, the data can be stored in such a way that only those who have clearance or a need are allowed to access such data. With cryptographic security in place, it is nearly impossible to hack, bringing a level of confidence and faith back that the government is capable of keeping the necessary data safe and secure.

With such high levels of security, blockchain greatly reduces the opportunity for fraud through increased accountability, the elimination of a single point of failure, and a streamlined process. This makes it cheaper and easier to manage a number of municipal and governmental responsibilities such as:

Security and assurance is within reach regarding so many essential aspects to our modern way of managing these essentials, and so much more.


How Does Logos.Earth Contribute To Seeing These Hopes Become Daily Reality?

Logos.Earth works to play a few roles in seeing these possibilities become reality.


Who And How Are These Being Implemented

The great news is that these promises are not just hopes and dreams, there are companies and projects working on viable solutions that can be implemented; making these possibilities a reality.

Resources and further reading:

Logos.Earth has a current project proposal called Project Muni. This project seeks to create a framework in which decentralized apps and services can run to create a unified interface for users. On top of this Project Muni proposes to create a bridge between decentralized solutions and existing ones, making the move to decentralized services more seamless as well as allowing the user to access existing services.

ConsenSys is a for-profit organization that offers decentralized solutions for the enterprise and government levels. They have a great article on current government usage of blockchain technology, as well as some interesting solutions for local governments. To read more, check them out!

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