Defining Celestial Computing

Celestial Computing is a term used to describe the service when ‘Blockchain as a Service’ is paired with other ‘as a Service’ methods. This is a relatively new practice, and creates an entirely new service from Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Distributed services and so on.

What makes Celestial Computing different?

There are four key aspects of Celestial Computing that differentiate it from other services.

  1.  Celestial Computing is managed by Smart Contracts, as opposed to other services that are managed by users.
  2. When deployed, Celestial Computing can take advantage of the strengths of both blockchain and traditional computing methods.
  3. Celestial Computing heavily relies on serverless systems to operate.
  4. Celestial Computing connects to and utilizes all forms of data storage and computation to deliver in the fastest, cheapest and most secure way possible.

Applications for Celestial Computing

This form of computation is still new and emerging. The extent of what its application can be is still being explored. Logos Earth imagines using Celestial Computing as a piece in a greater service to decentralize and distribute data storage and computation. This will create the most secure system humanity has ever seen, while maintaining cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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