Internship Opportunity


We are offering internships to content writers who are looking to build their writing portfolio, gain work experience, and improve their SEO and ad making skills.

What you will be doing

Logos Earth is a charitable tech nonprofit working in the decentralized space. We can give recommendations about article topics, or you can write an article upon approval concerning something about the decentralized space, or something the organization is involved with. SEO optimization learning will be a part of this internship as this will drive all written content to be read.

What we will do for you

To help promote your article no less than $1000 will be given in ad grants to promote your article, up to $10,000+ may be awarded if your SEO and ads burn through the initial $1000 of ad budget quickly.


This will give your content solid exposure so that you can show yourself to the world and be known by others. This will give you notoriety as your content will be seen by tens of thousands. Accurate statistics will be taken and be able to be shown to future prospects on the return that your writing produces.


In addition, you have the opportunity to hone your content, SEO, and ads to maximizing whatever call to action you give. Whether this is driving a donation, subscribing to an email newsletter or simply clicking on another article, the effectiveness of your content to the reader will be able to be shown in the metrics generated.


Honing these metrics to the best they can be is what the internship is about so that you may have the best job prospects with the skills you discover.

Further Details

The duration of the internship can be tailored to your goals and situation. When you complete your time with us we will give you a letter of recommendation as well as an official report of your contents performance.